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Professional Groups

Professional Groups campaign is a program that solicits area professionals for support of North Bay Haven Career Academy.  We have 4 career academy programs at NBH. These are optional programs that student may elect to take. Students would take the courses in an academy as part of their elective courses. They are:

     * Engineering
     * Criminal Justice
     * Marine Sciences
     * Medical Technologies

These programs offer specialized coursework, field experiences for students and culminates in an internship in the field. The goal of these programs is to give students enough experience in their chosen academy to know if it is a field they want to pursue post high school through either direct entry into workforce, pursuit of a technical or other two-year certification or entry into university for study in the area.

*North Bay Haven Charter Academy is a part of the Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc family of tuition-free public charter schools.
Contact: Jenny Reeves*  Phone: 956-793-3562  * email:

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